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Nothing is better than the weakest link

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...... GC/MS training courses will start in February...More info on we can offer on-site training in GC, GC/MS and LC/MS .... Increase your posibility to make the right identification. With Data Bases from Wiley.


Nothing is better than the weakest link.
We can help you with most things. Planning, phurchace, room preparation, installation, service, training and application support.

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    Instrument & software

    Mass Spec

    from SepSolve, Markes as well as through Hyperions & Torion.

    Air analysis

    in cooperation with Markes & MSNordic.

    GC & LC

     GC/GC from SepSolve, Hyperions and others.


    Special software for both Mass Spec and Chromatography.

    Instrument & software