New focus new partners

Chemalys has a long experience in Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry and has through the years been working with most manufacturers on the market.
This gives us a unique experience of the marked that could help us to guide our customers to the right tools for the right application.

New partners from May 2017


With close to 30 years experience in giving training courses in both chromatography we will increase our training program.

GC, LC and MS courses will be given att different levels.

With our partners we can tailor make almost any training.


Almost all types of testing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) could be performed with Thermal Desorption.

With our new partner we can help with most applications like

  • forensic
  • environmental
  • material testing
  • and a lot more......

GC*GC or more complicated analysis is the focus of SepSolve.

Olfactory port.

Sick houses

TOF-MS with Tandem Ionization

are some examples


Chemalys will as sub-contracted partly work under the hat from Hyperions.

High quality instruments at low price.

We have ex.

  • GC
  • Maldi & SIMS
  • and a lot more..